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Femme Big Bang

Big Bang for K-Girls
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Big Bang Fic Challenge for Female Korean Artists
femmebigbang | Sign-ups

** A Big Bang challenge consists of authors coming together to work on a completed fic. The authors will be given a period of three months to write a 10,000 word or more story focused on one Korean crossover pairing. All Korean fandoms are welcomed.

Important Dates:
Sign ups close: July 10
Writers submit first draft (at least 5000 words): August 20
Writers' final submission: October 20 (two week extension optional)
Posting begins: October 27

2ne1_fiction, 4minute, afterschoolclub, begirls, chunsangjihee, intoneworld, karaworld, lachata_effects, madeintwenty, mrboogie, norabollae, snsd_fics, soshipops, t_ara, unniefic, unniepix, wonder_girls, zhangliyin