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FBB2012: Entry #1 [3/3]

[part 2]

“Last two episodes!” said Krystal as she flung her backpack on the couch. Luna was behind her, holding onto her own backpack straps and looking a bit out of place.

“C’mon, put your backpack on the floor or something and join me,” said Krystal, and then realized that she took up one half of the loveseat and her backpack took up the other so she shoved her bag to the ground.

“Okay,” said Luna, setting her bag by her feet. Krystal grabbed the remote and turned the TV and DVD on, and they finished the drama, Krystal judging every ridiculous thing that happened.

“Wow, that was a stupid drama,” said Krystal, sighing as the credits for the last episode rolled on the screen. “I should call my sister sometime and tell her that she sent me a useless birthday present.”

Luna chuckled and said, “Yeah, it was kinda dumb.”

“Yeah, like,” said Krystal, turning around to face her, “the evil guy dies at the end because he falls off a cliff? What the hell was that? And like, if I had a motorcycle, I wouldn’t bring it to the edge of a cliff so that I die to my impending doom because of a freaking motorcycle? And like. No post-death traumas? The girl and the guy just get together and live happily ever after? Geez.”

“It’s TV,” said Luna.

“It’s stupid. TV is stupid.”

“It can be,” Luna agreed. She was grinning, like she was trying to hold back laughter, and Krystal couldn’t help smiling too and said, “What?”

“I don’t—you’re funny,” said Luna, and tucked her chin into her shoulder and didn’t meet Krystal’s eyes. Her mouth was still curved into that small smile, though.

Krystal rolled her eyes. “Well, I mean,” she said, and then the first thing came to mind, “even though it was dumb, I didn’t mind. Like. Watching it with you. ‘Cause that’s nice.”

Luna blushed visibly and played with her fingers. Krystal said, “And look, I’m still wearing your birthday present, ‘cause you’re not like my sister and give me useless things. Even though I don’t really wear bracelets,” she added offhandedly, “but.”

“I’m really,” said Luna, taking a deep breath. And then, “Thanks.”

“You don’t really have anything to thank me for,” said Krystal.

But seeing Luna’s still shy, bashful face reminded Krystal partially of why she had invited Luna here, other than just to watch the drama. She took a deep breath and folded her legs.

“Y’know, Luna, um,” she said. “Sulli was talking to me the other day.”

“Yeah?” Luna looked up at her, like she expected Krystal to say something about one of Sulli’s rants on weird hairstyles or a random piece of gossip the both of them would pretend to be interested in.

“Um,” said Krystal, feeling nervous around Luna for the first time. “We were kind of, um. Talking about you? And like. How you like me. And, um, Like.” She looked up and her cheeks burned and her eyes might’ve watered so she looked back down and didn’t let herself see Luna’s expression. “Well, do you still like me?” she asked. Just to make sure, she told herself.

Luna chuckled, like she thought this was a prank or something. “I haven’t told you that I’ve stopped liking you,” she said.

“Um,” said Krystal, and looked up at her. Grabbed Luna by the shoulder and kissed her.

It was weird and sort of like kissing her ex-boyfriend, except Luna didn’t smell like sweat and boy—she sort of smelled like shampoo, and sweet. Sweet wasn’t a smell but that was Luna. She stopped and looked at Luna.

Luna seemed frozen in shock. And then,

“Why did you do that?”

“I,” said Krystal. “I don’t know? I.” Shrugged. “I mean, honestly, I’ve never, like, liked anyone before, so. You. I’m not taking advantage of you,” she was hasty to add, because that’s what it sounded like, “I just wanted to see if there was… anything.”

“Was there?” Luna barely met her gaze, peeked out from under her eyelashes.

Krystal exhaled deeply. “Truthfully no, but,” she said, when she swore to god that she saw Luna deflate for a millisecond, “I like being with you. Just like this. ‘Cause it’s not just like, being, the way it is with everyone else. I just like it. And I like this bracelet you gave me, and I really have no idea why. Really. They’re not even my favorite colors.” She played with the bracelet. “I like your friends being with my friends, because they’re your friends and my friends. I really want to hear you sing. And, um,” she said, because this was sounding really ridiculous now, “I like your blond hair.”

Luna’s cheeks were dark red and she let out a nervous giggle—a really nervous giggle—and said, “You like my blond hair?”

“Yeah, well, it’s,” said Krystal, “it’s different, it looks nice. You look nice, with it.”

“Um,” said Luna. “Can we kiss again? I mean. Can I kiss you this time?”

“Oh,” said Krystal, because she was surprised. But it was Luna. And Krystal liked kissing, wouldn’t have been opposed to it if Luna had asked her like, a week ago. Or a month ago. Or maybe even while she’d been dating her ex-boyfriend. “Go ahead,” she said, and Luna did.

It was different this time, maybe because Luna was the one taking control. Luna grabbed her shoulder like Krystal had done to her and pressed their lips together, sort of how like one would drink water or flip to their favorite channel on the television. Krystal held onto Luna then and Luna’s mouth was small and soft and definitely felt like she wasn’t sure of what she was doing, so Krystal adjusted her body so that Luna was practically in her lap and held Luna’s head and went in deeper, sucked in gently that Luna almost pulled away.

She didn’t, though, and that was what made Krystal keep going. Because Luna was just all sorts of—it was like biting into something soft with an even softer filling, cool and refreshing and exploding in Krystal’s mouth. At some point she parted her lips and persuaded Luna’s open, and then it was clear that Luna couldn’t take it anymore as she broke apart and practically sat on Krystal’s knees—when had Krystal spread her legs out?

“Sorry, sorry,” said Luna, when Krystal winced at the weight. “I,” said Luna, then, “wow.”

“I made out a lot with my boyfriend,” Krystal confessed. “But,” she said thoughtfully, recalling her boyfriend’s too eager tongue and the weird, not-as-sweet taste he had, “I liked that better.”

“I,” said Luna. “I really liked that. Um. That was my second kiss, so.” Color was blooming on her cheeks again, even though she looked plenty flushed from the kissing.

“Oh.” Krystal’s eyes widened. “Oh, was that too fast for you—should we go slow next time, or—”

“Next time, I,” said Luna. Stared at her. “You didn’t—you don’t mind—you like me?”

That was probably the most forward Luna had ever been with Krystal and nearly instinctively Krystal said, “Yes.” But, “Well, I don’t—I haven’t thought about it, ‘cause of the whole, y’know, don’t-think-I’ve-ever-liked-anyone-before thing. I think I could?” And then when Luna beamed despite the vague response, Krystal thought, yeah, I definitely could.

“Okay,” said Luna. “As long as—that kissing thing, we can do more of it. ‘Cause I really like it.” She tucked her hands under her knees and blushed.

Krystal brought her close and grinned in Luna’s face. “Great, ‘cause so do I.”


Krystal’s palms were gently pressing against Luna’s soft breasts—geez, why didn’t anyone ever tell her about the awesomeness of other girls’ boobs before?—when her father called from upstairs, “Girls, it’s time to go to sleep!”

“Aw,” said Krystal as Luna pulled back. “I need to take a shower, I feel gross.”

“So do I,” said Luna.

A smile crept onto Krystal’s face. “Want to take one together?”

“I—isn’t that a bit too,” said Luna.

“Oh, c’mon, we’re both girls,” said Krystal. And when Luna continued to look doubtful, “Don’t want me to see your naked body?”

“Well,” said Luna. “I mean, I like you and all, but, like—”

“There’s nothing wrong with nakedness, Luna,” said Krystal. She laughed. “It’s not like we’re gonna have sex.”

Luna practically squeaked. “Of course not!” she said.

“Yeah, well then?” said Krystal. “You’re comfortable with sticking your tongue in my mouth, so nothing wrong with being naked around me.”

“What does kissing have anything to do with being naked?” asked Luna.

“It doesn’t, but that’s not my point,” said Krystal. “C’mon, aren’t you comfortable with your own body? I’m comfortable with mine. I don’t mind if you see me naked.” She wiggled her hips.

Luna giggled again and said, “I don’t really—I mean, it’s kind of like, um, sex—”

“Being naked is not like having sex,” said Krystal, pressing back her laughter. “It’s not a big deal. We’re just going to see each other’s boobs, and—other stuff. Only seeing. Well, unless, like—”

“Only seeing,” said Luna firmly, and Krystal just grinned.

Which was how they were standing in Krystal’s shower together, because the bathroom was in her room so her parents didn’t know what was going on. Krystal had shampoo in her fingers and was massaging Luna’s scalp, and Luna had her eyes closed and Krystal sort of wished she’d tilt her head back so Luna would—

“See? Being naked is just being naked.” Krystal looked down Luna’s body as she continued rubbing the shampoo in her hair. Luna had a cute little innie bellybutton and her skin was still that color medium between pale and tan with a tint of gold, which sounded gross and cheesy but with Luna it wasn’t; it was just true. There were some dark hairs between her thighs and Krystal told herself to look away before she stared too long; Luna’s thighs were lush and smooth and Krystal kind of wanted to hold them, to squeeze them.

She finished shampooing Luna’s hair.

“Your turn,” she said to Luna, and Luna said, “Well, technically, it’s yours, since it’s your turn to get washed,” and Krystal said, “Yeah, yeah, okay.”

Luna got the shampoo this time and Krystal craned her head back as Luna rubbed her fingers in her hair. Luna said, “I think if you turn around, I can reach better.”

Krystal said, “Okay,” and did, and then smirked to herself and, “Feel free to stare at my ass.”

“I’m not!” said Luna in a voice that made Krystal think, she so is. She didn’t mind; she’d admired Luna’s body, and Luna had every right to admire hers.

Through the sounds of the shower water, Luna asked in a quiet voice, “So… are we dating now?”

“Are we?” Krystal’s eyes were still closed. She murmured, “Yeah, I guess,” and Luna’s hands might’ve gone gentler then.

“Oh,” said Luna. “Okay.”

“You don’t mind, right?” said Krystal, though more focused on the way Luna reached that back part of her scalp that she could never reach.

“Why would I mind?” said Luna. “I mean, I’ve liked you since—forever.” There was a pause and Krystal envisioned her swallowing. “And now I’m here naked in your shower with you and washing your hair and we’re having this conversation.”

“I’m assuming that’s a yes, then,” said Krystal, and Luna said, “Done,” and she turned back around.

“Have you ever had sex before?” asked Luna. Her eyes were wide, worrying.

Krystal chuckled. “Don’t worry, we don’t have to go fast at all,” she said. “And no, I haven’t.”

“Okay.” Luna nodded. “I mean, I think I’ll like it and it’ll be great, but—I like just this kissing stuff, first.”

“We don’t even have to get as far as sex, if you want,” said Krystal.

“Oh, no, no, I wouldn’t mind getting to sex—unless, I mean, you don’t want to, then that’s cool too,” Luna said hastily.

Krystal giggled and pressed her forehead against Luna’s. Their shampooed heads meshed together and Krystal thought that a small thing of soap fell near Luna’s eye, so she wiped it away.

“I’m ready for whatever you’re ready for,” she said, gripping onto Luna’s shoulders, and Luna smiled back. From here, it seemed so small, but—more glowing than ever.

“Me too,” said Luna.


hey! :) coming after school today?

omg u used a smiley!!! o:

Krystal frowned. Then, oh. She did.

haha, i guess :) so are you coming or what?

u bet! ^^

“You’re grinning at your phone again,” said Sulli from the driver’s seat. “Literally grinning. I don’t even know how else to describe it.”

“Hush, you.” Krystal was focused on her phone, typing out a reply.

“You’ve been so busy texting your new girlfriend all morning that you haven’t even noticed my big change,” said Sulli.

“Oh,” said Krystal, still typing. “Um, nice outfit?”

“Krystal!” said Sulli, and Krystal jerked her head up and said, “Wha—oh.”

Because Sulli had chopped her hair off. Literally all of it off. She now looked like a twelve year old boy with a bowl cut.

“What do you think?” Sulli beamed.

Krystal stared at her. It actually didn’t look that bad. Threw her off for a bit, gave her a heart attack, maybe. But not bad.

“It looks nice,” she said. “I like it.”

“Good, because I was gonna punch you if you said you didn’t.” Sulli looked through the rearview mirror at the red light and fluffed her hair. “I really like it. I think it’s cute. Don’t you think it’s cute?”

“Yeah.” Krystal was texting again.

my sister sent me another drama as an apology present so we can watch that

btw sulli got a haircut</span>

oo ok!!! :D wht does her hair look like?

“Say cheese,” Krystal said absentmindedly, taking a photo of Sulli, and then sent it to Luna before Sulli could even pose.


or we don’t have to watch the drama if you want. we can do something else?

omg she looks so qt!!! ^o^ n wht else could we do?

“qt” was now how Krystal was going to describe Luna, in her head. Not just “cute” anymore. “qt.”

Like the way she couldn’t pick up subtle hints.

like, make out or something? ;)

Krystal counted to ten.

i can totally see you blushing right now, you know.

sht up!!! i am not!!! >.<, read Luna’s next text, and Krystal knew it was because Luna totally was.


Krystal was surprised a couple weeks later when Luna presented her with a small box.

“Christmas present?” she asked, even though she’d asked Luna to come over during winter break already and Luna had said yes.

Luna shook her head. “Just—no, just a thing that I bought you. Just ‘cause.” She folded her gloved hands together and smiled.

Krystal opened the box. It was a necklace this time, not a bracelet, with a dark blue jewel at the end that Krystal didn’t know the name of and she hugged Luna.

“Oh god, I love it,” she said, pulling back. “How—no, don’t tell me how much it cost. It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks,” said Luna, beaming. “I thought you might like it.”

Honestly, even if Luna had gotten her a pair of brown and orange socks, Krystal would’ve still loved them. Krystal hugged her again.

“I just, thank you so much,” she said. “Should I get you something too? I should get you something, shouldn’t I? Yeah, I think I’ll get you something,” she concluded, even though Luna had interrupted her halfway to say, “No, don’t worry about it.”

“You’re not going to remember to, anyways,” said Luna.

“That… might be true,” said Krystal. “But it’s the thought that counts, right? This is just—amazing, Luna, that’s what you are.” She put it around her neck and fastened it in the back.

“No, you are, and that’s why I got it for you,” said Luna, and then Krystal looked at her with wide eyes as if Luna had just said “the l word” and Luna blushed.

“I-I mean,” she stammered. “Just. You’re enough, don’t worry about me. ‘Cause. You’re enough.”

Krystal grabbed her face with her mittens and kissed her beneath the snow and on her front porch. Winter had only started, but Krystal felt like spring was starting in her chest.


Winter break came and went and Krystal and Luna spent a far too much amount of time around each other. They did things like read the copy of the school newspaper Luna had gotten (which Luna did admit was as boring as Krystal had earlier described it), and then watched bad dramas and then later American romcoms with Korean subtitles, ate chips and Krystal's mom's cooking and threw crackers at the television screen. Luna always curled up into Krystal like Krystal was some big fluffy blanket and Krystal didn't mind at all.

Neither of them were happy when school started again (well, no one was); but then on a Tuesday that Krystal had forgotten about she asked Luna over and Luna said, “No, I have women’s choir, remember?”

“Oh,” said Krystal. “You know, I still haven’t heard you sing.”

“It’s not necessary,” said Luna, blushing.

“Like hell it isn’t!” They were walking to Luna’s physics class, which was out of the way for Krystal and her art class but she didn’t mind. “C’mon, you gotta let me hear you sing, I’m your girlfriend.”

“Shh!” said Luna, quickly covering her mouth, and Krystal grinned.

“You know,” she said, when Luna finally uncovered her, “if people weren’t such assholes, I’d be shouting it down halls.”

“You’re crazy,” said Luna, and Krystal said, “The craziest,” and Luna giggled.

“Okay, you can hear me sing,” she agreed, finally. Krystal fist-pumped the air. “Just come to my practice today after school and you can hear me practice my solo.”

“Oh my god, you have a solo? Luna, tell me these things! I told you you’re awesome,” said Krystal.

“I’m,” started Luna, but Krystal put a hand in her face.

“No, nope, I’m not going to hear any excuses,” she said. “You are awesome and that is final. You’re not allowed to argue with me on this, ‘cause I have firsthand experience.”

“I was only gonna say that I’m gonna let you judge that for yourself,” said Luna, amused.

“I don’t need to judge if I already know,” said Krystal pointedly.


“You,” said Krystal, “I. I’m dating a celebrity.”

“Shut up,” Luna said as she came out of the music room.

“You are fuckin’—I don’t even know,” said Krystal. “Wow. I.” She stared at Luna.

“Stop that!” said Luna.

“Can we, like,” said Krystal. “Why didn’t you show something like that to me earlier? Then I would’ve just kissed you on instinct and all this would’ve happened faster.”

Luna blushed, apparently not having a reply to that.

“You are amazing,” said Krystal, and then kissed her on the lips without any warning. “Ridiculously so.”

“I don’t,” said Luna, but then seemed to shrug off any modesty and just smiled at Krystal. “I try,” she said, instead.

Krystal kissed her again, in the empty hallway, as the kids and the teachers in the music room thought Luna was just at the bathroom when really Krystal was trying to figure out how much of Luna she could feel up before Luna realized she was getting too distracted.

“You succeed,” said Krystal, rolling Luna’s golden hair between her fingertips.


“I don’t know,” Sulli said at lunch a few days later.

“Three months,” said Onew, watching Krystal and Luna. Then, “No, four months. Four and a half months?”

“One month,” said Jonghyun.

“Wow, thanks for the support,” said Krystal.

Forever,” said Amber.

Totally and completely forever,” said Victoria. “Irrevocably.”

“Getting married and having kids and a surrogate father.” Amber pointed at Jonghyun. “That’ll be you.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Jonghyun said defiantly, and Amber turned away with a little smile on her face and said, “Nothing.”

“I don’t know,” Sulli said again. “I mean, high school relationships. But then you guys.” She gestured to Krystal and Luna, who were definitely not holding hands under the table. Except they were.

“Four and a half months?” Onew said again.

“You’re all just wonderful friends,” said Krystal. “Betting on the length of our relationship.”

“It’s how we make a living,” said Key.

“Forever!” Amber said again. “Just you wait, even if you guys, like, stop dating after high school, I bet you’re gonna find each other again and get all stupid and lovey dovey and get back together. Like soulmates.”

“I never pinned you as a romantic, Amber,” said Krystal.

Amber grinned. “My weapon is to surprise.”

“I don’t know either,” said Luna truthfully. But she looked at Krystal and squeezed her hand, and Krystal squeezed back.

“Speaking of,” said Amber, pointing at her with her chopsticks. “We need to talk about something, Krystal.”

“Oh, right,” said Victoria, nudging Amber over so that they were both looking straight at Krystal with serious looks on their faces.

“If you ever—”


“—hurt Luna—”

“—we’re going to chop your balls off.”

“Like, ten times,” said Victoria.

“Ow,” said Onew. “That must hurt.”

Sulli whacked him in the shoulder. “Girls don’t have balls, dumbass.”

“Figuratively though,” said Amber. “Literally if we could.”

Krystal rolled her eyes. “You guys don’t have to worry about it,” she said. “I would do it myself literally before you guys could even know. I don’t want,” she looked at Luna. “You to get hurt. By me or anyone.”

“I’m not going to,” said Luna, nosing at her cheek.

Amber and Victoria said, “Aww,” and Sulli said, “This is adorable but I think I’m going to puke.”

“I know you’re not gonna let me,” said Luna, leaning against Krystal’s shoulder. “And I’m not gonna let you. Now stop trying to tickle my stomach ‘cause it’s not gonna work.”

Krystal took her fingers out from sneaking up Luna’s shirt immediately. “I wasn’t aiming to tickle,” she said. “I just wanted to touch you.”

“Touch is fine as long as it’s in private,” said Luna.

“Ooh,” said Onew. “What else do you guys do in private?”

They promptly ignored him.

“I don’t know if I ever told you this,” said Krystal as conversation started around them so it was just the two of them, now (like it was), “but I think you’re cute. Always thought. Knew, really.”

Luna rubbed her cheek against Krystal’s shoulder in response, and Krystal laughed.

“Yeah,” said Luna, “okay. I’m glad. And I always thought that I’d just have a passing crush on you, but it’s definitely—I’m glad it’s something more.”

“Me too,” said Krystal, and her hand found Luna’s under the table again. She couldn’t see Luna’s face, but she was sure that if she would, Luna would have one of those dorky smiles on her face every time Krystal kissed her too hard or played with her ankles or tried to make heart-shaped snowballs and fling them at her or said something like no, matching Christmas sweaters are gross or do you think I look like a cat person? or if I had to choose three things to have on a stranded island, I’d take a boat and a giant bowl of noodles and you.

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