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FBB2012: Entry #1 [2/3]

[part 1]

Krystal was in her basement, cleaning up because her parents had told her to (as they did every month), and saw the stray box for the drama she and Luna had watched a while ago lying around. Now that she thought about it, it must’ve been, what, two or three weeks since Luna came over that one time? And it had been only one time, and Krystal remembered the both of them agreeing to continue it some other time, so when she was done cleaning, she went for her phone which her mother had taken away before she had started cleaning, and texted Luna.

hey! remember the drama we were watching a while ago?

i rmbr!! ^^ wht abt it?

Krystal simultaneously wondered if Luna just forgot about vowels, and if Luna always answered her texts within a five minute margin.

wanna come over sometime in the next week to watch?

sure :D whn? i cant do thurs and tues right after school.

yeah, i know. how about wednesday after my newspaper meeting? we’re almost done the issue so i don’t think there’s much for me to do.

ok ^^ wht do u do 4 newspaper, btw?

oh, i just edit some articles and help format it. it’s not really a big deal.

yeah it is!!!! i think ill buy 1 so i can see ur name on the staff list ^o^

Krystal rolled her eyes.

haha, okay. see you at school tomorrow.

Krystal was also the one who usually ended their texting conversations. She didn’t know why; it was like after she said something that could sound remotely goodbye-ish, Luna just stopped the texts from coming. Which was weird since she always seemed so eager to text her whilethey were texting. It was like she didn’t want to bother Krystal with texts anymore, even though Krystal wouldn’t be bothered. Oh, well.

Krystal also wasn’t sure why Luna had been making a deal out of her being on the newspaper, but she guessed it was sort of in the same way Krystal made a deal out of Luna being an awesome singer. Though Luna was actually awesome, while Krystal was on the paper to pass time and to put something on college applications. Sometimes Krystal wished she were talented like Luna.


Neither of them mentioned the drama-watching on Monday or Tuesday; then Wednesday in English, Krystal said to Sulli, “So I’m hanging out with Luna after school today.”

“Oh, what are you guys gonna do?” Sulli didn’t even seen bothered; she was busy filing her nails.

Krystal wanted to hug her, because Sulli wasn’t like her weird ex-boyfriend who would’ve gotten stupidly jealous if Luna was a guy. Actually, now that she thought about it, she didn’t really know why she dated him, anyways. They should’ve broken up earlier than they did.

“Eh, watch the drama like we did last time,” said Krystal.

“Sounds fun,” Sulli put her nail filer down. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Krystal raised an eyebrow. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked.

“I dunno,” said Sulli, shrugging. “It just sounds like a date, what you guys are doing. I’m only teasing,” she added when Krystal opened up her mouth to defend herself. “Well, sort of.”

“Yeah, well—” started Krystal.

“Also, don’t give me anything that sounds like ‘no homo,’” Sulli added, “‘cause Luna actually isa homo. Or something like that. So. Your argument is invalid.”

“I don’t know why I’m friends with you,” Krystal grumbled, and Sulli just said, in a chipper tone, “Because you need me!”

Amber and Victoria were harassing Luna at lunch, which they hadn’t done for the past few weeks; Krystal thought that maybe it had something to do with their not-date—not date, just hanging out—this afternoon. When Krystal came over, Victoria leaned in to whisper something into Luna’s ear, and Luna muttered, “Go away,” and blushed possibly five shades of red, three of which Krystal didn’t know existed.

“Hey, pretty people,” said Sulli from beside Krystal, and they sat down to join them. Amber stopped poking Luna’s side (and Luna wasn’t ticklish—it seemed to be just a bothering thing) and Victoria whispered in Luna’s ear again.

Stop.” Luna pushed Victoria away, and Victoria only giggled.

“What’s this about?” asked Sulli, looking between the three of them.

“Nothing,” said Luna. “They’re just being—stupid, as always.”

“Mm, the best friends are always stupid,” Victoria said from the side.

Luna whacked her on the arm, and Victoria giggled again.

Stupid,” Luna said again, and looked at Krystal and Sulli apologetically.

“Well, so,” said Krystal, pushing the conversation along. “I have newspaper meetings on the west side of the third floor. You know, the one next to the bathroom and the chemistry lab? So you can wait outside of there for me after school.”

“Okay,” said Luna brightly.

“It won’t take too long. Twenty minutes, tops. We just need to do a little bit of finishing,” said Krystal.

“And then I’ll get a copy,” said Luna.

Krystal rolled her eyes. “You don’t have to. There’s nothing really interesting in the paper—only, like, top students and events and sports and boring stuff like that.”

“That’s hardly boring,” said Luna. “But I’m getting one anyways, whether you want me to or not.”

It wasn’t that Krystal didn’t want Luna to read the paper. But Luna looked like she was ready to jump off cliffs to get a copy, and Krystal remembered her text saying i think ill buy 1 so i can see ur name on the staff list ^o^ and, well, it kind of made Krystal happy that Luna might want one just to see Krystal’s name.


So Krystal said good-bye to the newspaper staff later that afternoon without so much of a glance backwards, and closed the door behind her as she met Luna, who was waiting outside.

Luna looked surprised. “That was only ten minutes.”

Krystal shrugged. “They didn’t really need me, I guess,” she said, although really she didn’t want to keep Luna waiting: Luna had been only on her phone, and Krystal suspected that she would be bored. Anyways, the staff had other people on the team to help with the formatting so Krystal would’ve ended up being just an extra hand, or something.

“You sure?” Luna asked anyways, and Krystal nodded, turning back around so they could start walking.

“I’m fine,” she said, and they headed out the school and toward Krystal’s house.

Her house was only a twenty minute walk from the school and it was a pretty awkward walk, with Luna. Krystal didn’t know what to say but Luna looked too nervous to start a conversation, so Krystal said something stupid, like, “It’s nice out today,” and Luna made an amiable noise of agreement and then Krystal was berating herself in her head like stupid, who the hell talks about the weather nowadays? and at least be more interesting, you dumbass.

“Uh,” she said to Luna. “What do you think’s gonna happen next, in the drama?”

“Oh,” said Luna, “I don’t know. I really have no idea.” She giggled a bit, still sounding nervous.

“I kinda hope that the girl and that evil guy hook up on the side,” said Krystal. “Like. Geez, who wouldn’t want to bang that?”

“I dunno, me maybe,” said Luna, and then she turned a bright shade of pink and said, “Forget that I said that.”

“Oh,” said Krystal, and then paused. “Oh, right, you’re, um. Are you gay?” she asked, finally.

“Well,” said Luna, and Krystal thought she might say something like, well, I like you. “Well, yeah, I thought you knew,” she mumbled instead.

“No, no, I was just—for confirmation and stuff, you know,” said Krystal. “I mean, you could’ve been bi.”

“Right,” said Luna, and let out a little chuckle. Still seemed uncomfortable.

“And, hey,” said Krystal, putting an arm around her—it was easy, because Luna’s height reached only her eyebrow. “Who said I was talking about the dude? Like, the chick’s pretty good-looking too, isn’t she? Wouldn’t you want to bang that?”

Luna looked up at her and seemed confused at first, as if she didn’t know if Krystal was joking or not—then there was this awkward moment when she might’ve thought Krystal’s question was rhetorical. But only a minute passed and Luna said, “Sure,” and Krystal laughed and said, “See? There we go.”

It turned out that the girl love interest didn’t hook up with the evil dude on the side, much to Krystal’s chagrin. They watched through two episodes where the protagonist was trying to woo over the love interest while chasing after the evil guy, and after the end of the second one, Krystal threw the remote down as the DVD directed them to the main page and said, “This is a ridiculous drama.”

“All dramas are ridiculous,” said Luna.

“You got that right,” said Krystal, and then sighed. “We really should continue though. I still kinda wanna see how it ends.”

“Yeah,” said Luna, as Krystal toyed with the remote, not really intending to go to the Select an episode screen any time in the next five minutes.

They sat there, watching as the theme song played through the DVD menu, and Luna asked, out of nowhere,

“Um, Krystal? Why did you and your boyfriend break up, like. A couple months ago?”

Krystal glanced at her. Luna had her legs curled into her, and was staring at her toes. Krystal fought to look away from all of Luna and to just her eyes.

“‘Cause he was creepy, and I didn’t like him anymore. Well, I don’t think I liked him in the first place,” she added. “But, y’know. Once you’re around someone so much, you get tired of them.” And then, hastily, “But I’m not tired of you yet. I mean, I don’t think I’ll get tired of you at all.”

“It’s okay,” said Luna, and she was smiling but Krystal thought that maybe her words bugged her.

“No, Luna, I’m not going to get tired of you! That’s not what I meant. I mean, I’m not even tired of Sulli and I knew her longer than I knew my ex-boyfriend. It’s.” Krystal sighed. “I was just tired of him, ‘cause he was my boyfriend and he was kind of a boy and I didn’t think there was—it wasn’t that special,” she said.

“Okay,” said Luna.

“I’m not going to get tired of you, don’t worry,” said Krystal. “Ever. I really mean it. Ever.”

“Okay,” Luna said for the third time, but her smile looked genuine now and Krystal thought that she might’ve gotten to her.

“Why’re you asking, anyways?” Krystal asked. “‘Cause like, yeah, it happened a couple of months ago.”

Luna toed at the couch. “I was just wondering,” she said. “It seemed sudden, I thought maybehe broke up with you and you just didn’t—well, I mean, you seemed fine about it, so I didn’t know,” she broke off with a mumble.

“Because I broke up with him,” said Krystal.

“Yeah.” Luna nodded. “And just. I guess it seemed kinda sudden? I don’t know,” and she promptly clamped her lips shut, as if she were afraid that something she didn’t mean to say would spill out.

“You know,” said Krystal. “I was wondering why you’d made that little frowny emoticon thing on Facebook when my relationship status had changed.”

“You remember that?” Luna’s eyes went wide.

“Yeah, well,” said Krystal, and then was surprised at herself, because wasn’t that weird? Krystal never remembered little details, select events that happened in her life regardless if they would be deemed important or not—but Luna’s emoticon was even littler than littler, and probably not important at all.

Krystal mentally shook her head to snap herself out of it, and then continued, “Like, you like me, don’t you?”

After she said it she felt like she’d just revealed the metaphorical elephant in the room, and there was a pregnant pause as Luna seemed to freeze, if only for a millisecond, at the acknowledgement. Then Luna said, her face practically in her knees and her voice nearly muffled as she avoided looking at Krystal, “Well, yeah, but I-I didn’t want you to be, um, unhappy or anything, and like, I didn’t know that you were the one who broke up with him, so, um, I just thought that it was a, um, a bad thing. Yeah.”

“Oh,” said Krystal, relatively stunned at this. “Okay.”

“Yeah,” Luna said again, and this time she really did put her face in her knees.

Krystal didn’t know if she should comfort Luna—if she should do anything for Luna at all, or if Luna would prefer if they pretended this conversation didn’t happen; so Krystal took a deep breath and said, “Well, let’s get back to watching the drama,” and Luna unentangled herself from her arms and legs and Krystal clicked “Watch next episode” on the television and they watched two more episodes until Krystal’s dad told them that Luna’s mom was at the door.

“But it ended on a cliffhanger!” said Krystal, because it did; the evil guy had just shot the love interest in the shoulder.

“Both you girls have homework. It’s Wednesday,” said her dad. And then to Luna, “Your mom’s waiting on the front porch.”

“Oh, I should really go then,” said Luna, getting up from the couch.

“Okay,” said Krystal, “but next week you are definitely coming over to finish this with me.”

“You could watch it yourself, if you want,” said Luna, but Krystal shook her head.

She remembered what Sulli had said about this being a KrystalandLuna thing and it was; it really was a KrystalandLuna thing. “Not without you,” she said, and Luna sort of beamed, and Krystal could see the moon from the window but Luna was glowing even brighter.

“Okay,” she said, and then, “See you at school tomorrow!” Luna took off up the stairs and Krystal slumped on the couch, wishing that next week was tomorrow and that tomorrow was now.


“Krystal,” said Sulli as she drove to school the next morning. Krystal was half asleep in the passenger seat next to her. “We need to talk about Luna.”

“We do?” Krystal looked over at her sleepily. She could practically kiss Sulli every time Sulli drove them to school, but Sulli usually had before school clubs, leaving Krystal to walk to school alone.

“Yeah.” Sulli parked in the school parking lot.

Krystal yawned. “Well let’s get out before we do,” she said, grabbing her backpack; but Sulli put a hand on her arm and said, “In here.”

“What do we need to talk about?” asked Krystal, raising a tired eyebrow.

“I said, Luna,” said Sulli.

“What about her?”

Sulli huffed. Krystal thought that maybe she was being impatient with Krystal’s tiredness, but somehow that didn’t seem to be the case when Sulli just stared out the car’s front window.

“You know that Luna likes you, right?”

Krystal blinked. “Well yeah,” she said. “She told me, like—that’s how we became friends, basically.” She was randomly jolted back to when she’d asked Luna, you like me, don’t you?and prevented her cheeks from reddening.

But Sulli said, “Yeah, but do you really know?”

“How can I really know?” said Krystal. “She likes me, and—well, she likes me. Yeah.”

“Krystal,” said Sulli. “I’ve known you since we were eleven and you’ve never expressed interest in anyone. At all. Sexually or romantically.”

“I had a boy—”

“But you said you didn’t like him! You dated him only ‘cause he liked you,” said Sulli. “Have you really not liked anyone? Ever?”

Krystal was silent. Well, she didn’t know—what was it supposed to feel like? Was there something in your brain that went, oh, I like that person. She just said, “I don’t know,” and Sulli let out an exasperated sigh and banged her hands on the steering wheel.

Krystal nearly jumped, but Sulli said, “You probably don’t get it, then. Luna really likes you, Krystal, and now you’ve been like—all nice and friendly to her. But just as her friend. Don’t you think that’s kind of—insensitive?”

“I’m not insensitive,” said Krystal, hurt. “I think she’s cool and I want to be friends with her, and that’s it—”

“Yeah, and I know you and you have stupidly good intentions when it comes to things like this,” said Sulli. “But what about her? She wants something more than friends, you know.”

Krystal stared at her, fully awake now.

“You’ve been talking to her friends, haven’t you.”

“Victoria is very informative and Amber always listens when Luna rattles on about how awesome you are, apparently,” said Sulli, looking into her rearview mirror and brushing off an eyelash. “I wouldn’t say you’re that awesome, but—”

“Sulli,” said Krystal, and her best friend turned to her and grinned.

“I digress, though,” said Sulli. “Krystal, I know you’re being nice. I know you. But you don’t know Luna, and you gotta think about her.”

“I do,” Krystal insisted.

“As a friend. And she thinks about you as—something more,” said Sulli. “Do something about it, at least. She hangs onto your every word like a little puppy. It’s adorable, but kind of sad when you don’t even realize how much she adores you.”


So Krystal decided to do that. To listen to Sulli.

She wasn’t quite sure how but she thought that she and Luna should talk about it, at least, Luna liking her. That evening, because during the day she’d been too busy contemplating what to do, she got onto her computer and saw that Luna was online, and that was better because she could expect a more immediate response.

Krystal Jung (18:02): hey
Krystal Jung (18:02): luna
Luna Park (18:02): oh, hi krystal ^^
Luna Park (18:03): whats upp
Krystal Jung (18:03): when’s the next time you’re free?
Krystal Jung (18:03): i was thinking we could finish the drama sometime soon
Luna Park (18:04): oh ^^
Krystal Jung (18:04): since we only have two episodes left and all
Luna Park (18:05): umm
Luna Park (18:06): i think im free this weekend? ^^
Krystal Jung (18:06): ok
Krystal Jung (18:06): how’s saturday night sound
Krystal Jung (18:06): wanna do a sleepover too?

Krystal had no idea where that came from.

Luna Park (18:06): ok!!!! ^-^
Luna Park (18:07): im rlly looking forward 2 it :DDD
Krystal Jung (18:08): me too
Krystal Jung (18:08): well
Krystal Jung (18:08): see you tomorrow!
Luna Park (18:08): yea, c u 2!! ^^

What am I getting myself into? Krystal wondered.


At this point, Krystal had realized the correlation between Amber and Victoria’s teasing Luna, and Luna’s own interactions with her. She was pretty sure that every time Victoria whispered in Luna’s ear it had something to do with her liking Krystal, and that Amber poked her to get her attention because that’s what friends did when the person they knew you liked walked by. Krystal didn’t know why she didn’t get it earlier.

But she did, now, on Friday, when all the times she saw Luna and one of her friends they would giggle at her. Krystal ignored them, though; Luna seemed to be doing her best to do so, as well.

When walking out of the English classroom with Sulli, a thought struck Krystal. “When do you even talk to Amber and Victoria without me or Luna around, anyways?” she asked Sulli.

Sulli shrugged. “I have math with Victoria and we’ve been partnering up lately. And I talk to Amber at lunch sometimes, you know.”

“Oh,” said Krystal, because usually she and Luna were talking about something or other. Krystal had always assumed that their friends listened to their conversations and took part occasionally, but she never really paid much attention to them. Just to Luna.

“By the way, this weekend?” said Sulli, pointing her pencil at her. “Don’t screw things up.”

“What—I don’t screw things up!” said Krystal as Sulli headed away from her, to her next class.

“Yeah, yeah.” Sulli didn’t look behind.

Krystal huffed and went in the opposite direction, because she had history next.

She’d just entered the classroom when her cellphone vibrated in her pocket. Taking it out, she made her way to her seat and then opened the text. It was from Luna.

hey ^^ srry 2 bother u but iwas wonderin when ur newspper comes out. i 4got to ask u ysterdy, srry!! ^^;;

Krystal had the weird urge to hug the text message. Which was, yeah, impossible.

oh, it comes out in like, a week. next next monday i think.

ok!!! ill rmbr 2 get a copy :)

Krystal couldn’t reply to that because class started.


[part 3]
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